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Comprehensive Carpet Relaying and Reuse

Even simply moving a carpet from one room to another will give areas of your home a new and fresh look. Our workmen complete carpet relaying and reuse in and around Horsham, West Sussex, to rejuvenate clients’ homes without the need for excessive expenses.
Before starting the service, our fitters will come to your location and measure both the old and new areas to ensure that relaying is possible. They will also identify whether the carpet is in good enough condition, as relaying worn down flooring is not always successful. Once we have evaluated the work that is required, you will receive a quote for the service.

New Carpet

Backed by many years of experience in making adaptations, our fitters will carefully and methodically lift the carpet from its current position. They will then deftly relay it in its new home while ensuring that it fits snugly and without any gaps being left.

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