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Quality Carpet Whipping and Repairs

Using off-cuts carpet technicians are able to create a mat that looks perfect sitting in front of your favourite chair or a room’s door. The experts at Horsham Floorings & Furnishings in Horsham, West Sussex, specialise in using leftovers to create carpet whipping and also make whipping repairs to old pieces.

Carpet Repair

In order to provide the exact piece that our client desires, we work closely with them to identify their needs. We discuss the colour that they require, whether it needs to match or contrast the carpet, as well as noting any specific size or shape requests. Once the template is complete we will prepare a free quotation, with costs on average £5 per linear metre plus additional cutting charges, depending on the client’s requirements.

Made to a very high standard, our whipping is durable and will prevent your carpet from wearing down in areas of high traffic. It will also prevent dirt from embedding itself into your carpet, thus prolonging the life of your flooring.

Rug Work
As an alternative to whipping, we also complete work on rugs. This ranges from general repairs to carrying out fringing and border work to make your rug look more unique.

Over time whipping naturally wears down and becomes damaged, but rest assured that we are capable of making any necessary repairs. Many of the pieces we work with hold sentimental value, so it is important that we work with you to establish your requirements. For example, sections many need to be removed, but we will only do this if you are happy for us to do so. Although it won’t be exactly as before, the longevity of the whipping will be improved by the efficient work of our experts. The cost of repairs is dependent upon the damage that the whipping has suffered.

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